mobile tempered glass

A Guard For Your Screen And Smoother Touch Experience 

Smartphones these days play an important part in our life. From Online classes to official meetings, from daily communication uses to entertainment purposes, smartphones consist of all. 

Your Mobile handset costs anywhere between thousands to lakhs and the major part of your smartphone are its screen. Most of the smartphone manufacturers claim their phones’ screens are well-equipped to confront any kind of unfavorable conditions and we admit the same. 

However, even a single scratch on these well-equipped screens can spoil the experience of your mobile usage in a completely different way altogether. That’s one of the main reasons mobile tempered glass is not just a mobile accessory but also a necessity for your handsets.

JBTEK has launched their flexible mobile screen guard which covers your phone screen from edge to edge. This tempered glass for mobile is super smooth to use and weighs as light as a feather. JBTEK Mobile Tempered glass is dust and scratch-resistant which overall makes your phone smartphone experience smooth and efficient. JBTEK covers all the major latest handsets, be it Apple iPhone screen guards, Samsung Galaxy Series, Motorola, Realme, etc. 

JBTEK has one fixed screen guard price for all the smartphone models. “BUY LINK

JBTEK mobile tempered glass comes with a DIY kit, this means you don’t have to rush to a mobile accessory store to get your mobile screen guard replaced. 

The DIY Kit for JBTEK’s best screen guard contains

  • Mobile Tempered Glass
  • Screen Cleanser Cotton Pad (wet)
  • Screen Cleanser Cotton Pad (Dry) 

Instructions to follow:

Remove your old mobile screen guard

Cleanse the bare screen with a Wet Cleanser cotton pad provided in the DIY Kit

Peel the first layer of your screen guard and place it on your mobile screen

Slowly remove the second layer and cover your phone screen from edge to edge 

Finally, Clean your mobile tempered glass with the Dry Cotton Pad provided in the DIY Kit

JBTEK mobile accessories are made in India with love. We make gadgets that suit your Phone, Personality, and Pocket.

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