Collar Mic for Mobiles

The term Lavalier originally referred to jewelry in the form of a pendant worn around the neck. Its use as the name of a type of microphone originates from the 1930s when various practical solutions to microphone use involved hanging the microphone from the neck. Our collar microphone is the best collar mic you will find.

Raymond A. Litke invented the collar microphone in 1957 and then it came to India. The price we sell lavalier microphones is very decent and you will not find this quality and the price range anywhere else. Our collar microphone has a sleek look. JBTEK collar microphone comes with a Muff mic that makes it look better than others.

Buy our best lavalier microphone from Amazon or Flipkart. Our neck mic can be used to be attached to a laptop or a phone. It gives you amazing audio quality and a great listening experience to the listener. Buy lapel mic online in India. If you are a YouTuber who records a lot of videos.

We have an amazing range of Collar Mic for iPhone3.5mm Collar Mic, and Type C Collar Mic.

Collar Mic for YouTube

JBTEK has the best collar mic for Youtube. The first-ever microphone was invented as the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. JBTEK gives you the best collar microphone that you will find in India. Our Neck Mic can also be attached to mobile and used. For artists who sing and upload videos on Youtube or any other social media platform.

You can connect the lapel mic to your mobile and use it from a distance. It can also be used for conducting online classes as teachers need to stand at a distance and write on the board as well. lavalier microphone can also be used in conducting events. It’s the best collar microphone you’ll find that gives you this amazing audio quality without any interference.

JBTEK collar mic price compared to any other brand is cheaper and the quality is better. You can buy collar mic in India online and you won’t regret the quality or the product that will be delivered to you.

The Best Collar Mic: How To Choose The Right Microphone

Lavalier microphones, otherwise called lapel mics, are little, watchful, and unimaginably amazing. Also, they are a go-to answer for some solid specialists and working videographers needing the most extreme quality with a without hands arrangement. Yet, an answer that doesn’t think twice about quality. Once situated, they convey unparalleled sound so you can zero in on the activity and not the recording system and specialized subtleties. What’s more, your group is additionally liberated from grappling with a blast mic and having a devoted administrator.

What Is a Lavalier Microphone?

Finding the Best Lavalier Mic for Your Needs

The problem is, there are many different mic types and sizes. And there’s not an “all-in-one” solution. You want a microphone that is dependable, offers excellent audio and meets your specific requirements. You can’t simply choose the very best from all of the available mic choices. It’s time to break down your requirements into a few key considerations:


The size of the microphone is one of the most important features of a great mic. Your overall image needs to be the same size as the entire video and still have the ability to fit your mic in the booth without having to add or remove it. The size of the mic can also impact how well it goes into the mouth or bezel of your audio mixer.


Most popular mic sizes today are .15, .25, .50, and 1kHz.

How to Choose a Lavalier Microphone

With all the technological advancements in the field of audio recording, the world has seen a proliferation of different types of mic solutions. These include dedicated microphones, personal wireless microphones, boom mics, and more. While they are usually used to record specific noises, with some of them you can record anything. These types of mics can either be worn like a lavalier (imagine a microphone you would wear on your larynx) or clipped on your shirt or bag.

Depending on the type of scenario in which you are recording, it is imperative that you find the best mic that fits your need.


wireless microphone is a great solution for professionals who are looking for the best quality in a compact form. Unlike conventional mics, it comes in a compact form and this, in turn, saves a lot of time and storage space. But, it is also more expensive in comparison to the conventional type. So, before you go in for it, ensure that your budget is within the given range.

Which is the best wireless microphone?

Given the fact that a microphone must be portable, you should choose a wireless one. If you’re into video making, it shouldn’t be a problem as they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. And you don’t need to juggle with a high-end rig. You can opt for a wireless microphone, which is easy to carry, record, and export anywhere you want.

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JB-M93| Collar Microphone | 3.5mm Jack | Type-C Jack | I phone Jack

The Jbtek -M93 Collar Microphone is a versatile and high-quality microphone designed for various audio recording needs. With its 3.5mm, Type-C, and iPhone jacks, this microphone offers compatibility with a wide range of devices, making it a convenient choice for content creators, journalists, vloggers, and more.
  • 3.5mm Jack
  • Type-C Jack
  • I phone Jack